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When you visit our shop, we want you to know that your car is always receiving the highest quality work no matter how big or small the job is. Using the latest factory-grade tools & equipment, we handle everything your car needs including:

We want you to feel as good as we do when it comes to any services for your car, that’s why we proudly back our service with a 2-year/24,000-mile warranty.

Why Choose Woodinville Sports Cars?

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  • Trusted Technicians – Eperienced & factory certified, our friendly team will always work with you to find the best care plan possible for your car, and on your schedule.
  • Complimentary Loaner Cars – We don’t want to ever rush or cut corners in the name of service, with that in mind, our loaner cars are available to help you continue about your day while we make sure your car is properly taken care of. Just let us know you’d like a loaner car when you call to make your appointment and we’ll handle the rest.
  • Customer Friendly – Taking care of your car should never feel like a hassle, we work with you to make sure that we fully understand any issues your car is having, and always make sure to explain any technical information or issues honestly & accurately. As a small business, we’re very proud to know our clients personally.

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Located in Woodinville, we proudly help European auto drivers from all throughout surrounding areas including:

Whether it’s emergency repairs or factory maintenance, our team is here to help. Please call or visit our shop today to learn more or to schedule your next appointment.

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