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At Woodinville Sports Cars, we don’t just work with Mercedes-Benz, we work with people. Our professional, friendly staff works hard to make sure you leave our shop satisfied.

  • Mercedes-Benz Repair & Service

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    Ever since Karl Benz built the first gasoline-powered automobile in 1878, Mercedes-Benz has been at the forefront of automobile innovation. Woodinville Sports Cars is part of this continuing tradition—our diagnostic equipment plugs directly into your Mercedes-Benz’s onboard computer, giving us up-to-the-minute information on the condition of the engine and what services are needed at that time.

    This means no more generic mileage-based service recommendations. Instead, you get personalized service recommendations based on your actual driving tendencies and the current condition of your Mercedes-Benz.


    Woodinville Sports Cars is tested yearly by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. That means we really know what we’re doing with your Mercedes-Benz’s state-of-the-art computerized engine. We’ve got the best technology, Factory-Certified Master Technicians, and years of experience.

    • 2 Year Warranty: We’re confident in our work. Every Mercedes-Benz repair is guaranteed for 2 full years up to 24,000 miles
    • Modern Technology: We’ve got the technology to work with the newest Mercedes-Benz or the one that’s been on the road for 10 years
    • Factory and OEM (Original Equipment Parts) Only: We use the same parts put into your Mercedes-Benz in the factory—the best parts on earth
    • Experience: We’ve been working on Mercedes-Benz for more than 10 years
    • Factory Warranty Validation: Our quality services protect your Mercedes-Benz’s factory warranty
    • Open Shop: Feel free to come into the shop and see what’s happening with your Mercedes-Benz


    We don’t just work on cars—we work with people. We aim to impress you the moment you walk through the door. That’s why we offer:

    • Loaner Car: Choose from our fleet of nine loaner cars so you can stay mobile while your Mercedes-Benz is in the shop
    • Amazing Hourly Rates: Our hourly rate is a fraction of the dealer’s for the same or better expertise
    • Professionalism: Everyone in the shop will be happy to answer any question you have about your Mercedes-Benz
    • Cleanliness: We keep our shop as clean and organized as possible to further improve the quality of our work


    Your Mercedes-Benz’s onboard computer system monitors your engine for developing wear-and-tear and lets you know when something breaks down. That means that as long as you keep an eye out for warning lights, you should be able to go from service to service without ever worrying about your Mercedes-Benz.

    • Mercedes-Benz Brake Service
    • Mercedes-Benz Oil Leak
    • Mercedes-Benz Suspension Repair
    • Mercedes-Benz Wheel Alignment
    • Mercedes-Benz Transmission Service
    • Mercedes-Benz Battery Replacement
    • Mercedes-Benz Electrical Issues
    • Mercedes-Benz Cooling System

    Woodinville Sports Cars is the best option for Mercedes-Benz repair or service in Woodinville, Snohomish, Bothell, Kirkland, and the surrounding area. If your Mercedes-Benz is asking for a service, click below to set up an appointment. We’re here to keep you on the road and happy.

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