3 Signs Your Volkswagen’s Battery Is Dead In Woodinville

Does your Volkswagen have trouble starting? If so, you may be having trouble with its battery. Several things can go wrong with your battery and cause it to die. Here are the top 3 Signs that Your Volkswagen’s battery is dead in Woodinville.

Starting Trouble

Is your car not starting at all? When you sit behind the wheel, turn the key in the ignition. If you do not get any response from your vehicle, the battery is probably dead. Cars do not start when left sitting for too many weeks without being driven. It also can occur if the battery is very old. It is usually possible to jumpstart a dead battery and get it running for a short time, but you should replace it as soon as possible.

Batteries usually give a warning before they die, so you can spot the signs before ending up with a car that will not start. One sign that the battery is close to the end of its ability to hold a charge is that the car takes longer to start. You will notice this when it takes turning the key a few extra seconds each day to start your Volkswagen. The additional time may cause you frustration if you are running late or heading out on a cold morning.

Light Issues

Another sign that your battery is on its way out is a warning from your dashboard lights. Your car’s dashboard has many warning lights that tell you if something is wrong with your Volkswagen, such as engine trouble, a leaking tire, and many other issues. There is often a battery-shaped light with them. If you see this light illuminated, you need to check the battery. It may be nearly out of power. Watch for your dashboard’s ALT and GEN lights because they connect to your battery.

Your car battery keeps your headlights illuminated, which allows you to see and be seen by others driving when it is dark. If your battery runs low on power, it may need more power flow for the headlight bulbs. Low power may cause the headlights to flicker randomly or only provide low illumination levels. It is unsafe to drive with unreliable or malfunctioning headlights, so get your car battery checked out if you notice problems with your headlights.

Under the Hood

When was the last time you opened your car’s hood? The final signs you may notice that your car battery is dying or dead come from under the hood. When you look under the hood, what do you smell? Do you smell something sulfuric, like rotten eggs? Those strange smells might connect to your car battery. When they leak or break down, they emit sulfurous gasses, which strongly smell of sulfur or rotten eggs. If you smell this, it is time to get a new battery and get help replacing it so you do not get toxic chemicals on you. These chemicals burn your skin and cause severe damage to your eyes if they get in them.

Another vital sign under your hood, if your battery is dying, is a visual change in the battery itself. If you can see where or if there is a tear on the battery if it looks misshapen or swelling, this is not a good sign. Another prevalent visual sign is the appearance of corrosion around the battery terminals. This build-up can be green, yellow, or brown. These visual signs indicate that your battery is failing and you must replace it soon. The safest approach is to get help replacing it if you see any of these signs. The assistance of a trained professional will help ensure that you do not suffer harm from the batteries and toxic chemicals and that your car has not suffered any additional damage from the malfunctioning battery.

Volkswagen Battery Check

If you have any questions or would like help checking your battery and making sure your Volkswagen is safe to drive, contact us at Woodinville Sports Cars. We serve all the areas around Bothell, Kenmore, Kirkland, Mill Creek, Monroe, Redmond, Snohomish, and Woodinville, WA. We are your go-to shop for European and Import auto repair, with Volkswagen-certified technicians ready to assist you with all your repairs.

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