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Engine misfires in an Audi can be disheartening. Your car is your pride and joy, and you never want to see an issue like this negatively affect it, but sometimes it happens. This article will discuss misfire problems in Audi vehicles, how to prevent them, and what to do if they occur.

Explanation of a Misfire

A misfire happens when gas, oxygen, or the spark from the plugs malfunctions in the sequence they should occur. The firing in your Audi’s engine is what powers the car and provides the performance you need. When this important firing does not occur in a cylinder, you will lose any power and find yourself in a no-start condition.

Recognizing a Misfire

A misfire has definitive negative consequences on the performance of your Audi. These manifest physically during operation. Here are a few common symptoms of an engine misfire:

  • Sputtering and Shaking of the Car: Each time your car misfires, the car’s computer system tries to make up for the loss of power. It sends signals for the other cylinders to work harder. Each out-of-sequence firing produces shaking and sputtering in your car that is felt as heavy vibrations. These symptoms manifest most obviously when idling and while accelerating.
  • Slow Acceleration: If you have eight cylinders and your Audi is performing on only six of them, your car will not accelerate as it would with all of them working as they should. It will lack the power necessary to meet your demand.
  • Poor Gas Mileage: Your Audi is designed to run as efficiently as possible. This efficiency includes getting the most out of your gas mileage. A misfire will cause you to burn more gas, as the Audi computer system tries to regulate more fuel to make up for the power loss. Even a small misfire that is not physically noticeable may show up as poor gas mileage due to this reason.
  • Check Engine Light: Normally, a check engine light will eliminate when your Audi suffers from a misfire. This will allow a fault code to be retrieved with the possible cause of the misfire.

Possible Causes Of Misfires

There are a few reasons your Audi can be misfiring. Some are not costly repairs, while others can be. However, Ignoring misfires can cost you quite a bit in the end due to engine damage that can occur. Here are some possible causes of your Audi misfires.

  • Bad Spark Plugs: Old or damaged spark plugs are among the main reasons for misfires in any car. This may occur if you have neglected your Audi’s recommended maintenance plans. Each car has a schedule that tells you when spark plugs should be changed. So, keeping this schedule is important for your car’s long-term health and warranties.
  • Bad Spark Plug Wires or Ignition Coils: Just as with spark plugs, any wires or ignition coils also require replacement at specific intervals in your Audi’s lifespan. Adhere to proper maintenance techniques for the best experience with your Audi model.
  • Poor Fuel/Oxygen Mix: This phenomenon can be due to several reasons on its own. Computer malfunction, bad oxygen sensor, a failed MAF sensor, and others can cause an insufficient mixture of fuel and oxygen for your car. This poor mixture will result in a misfire in the cylinders.
  • Bad Injectors or Fuel Filter: Any issues with your gas delivery system may cause misfires. If your Audi’s computer senses something is wrong with the fuel, it will try and adjust. When it cannot compensate, a misfire can occur. Clogged injectors and fuel filters can be the culprit.

Audi Fuel Filter Inspection

Where to go for Help with Engine Misfires in Woodinville

Keeping your car in good running condition and preventing costly repairs is not that hard to accomplish. When issues are caught early or even before they happen, there is usually an affordable resolution. Keeping up with your Audi preventive maintenance plan at an authorized shop is your first step to success.

At Woodinville Sports Cars in Woodinville, WA, we know how to keep your Audi running in top condition and how to prevent larger issues by utilizing our superior service plans from certified technicians. You can feel confident we will keep your Audi in top condition and allow you to enjoy it for years while helping to prevent high costs for repairs later. Contact us today to have your Audi serviced or repaired at Woodinville Sports Cars.

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