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Your BMW X5 is a powerful vehicle with exceptional braking capabilities, but every so often, its rear brake pads and rotors will need to be replaced. Unfortunately, many drivers do not know how to determine when it is time to replace these vital components. Therefore, to help you stay both safe and in-the-know, we have compiled the following important information about BMW 5 rear brake pads and rotors.

Why Working Brake Pads and Rotors Matter

Rear brake pads and rotors are relatively unknown components, which means their maintenance is often ignored by drivers. This is a significant problem, given that a vehicle’s rear brake pads and rotors are vital to its functioning.

When you hit your BMW X5’s brakes, its brake pads clamp down on the rotors, thus generating friction to stop the wheels from spinning. This means that working brake pads and rotors are essential to making your vehicle stop, which means that brake pad or rotor failure can have dangerous consequences. Therefore, it is important that you keep your BMW X5’s rear brake pads and rotors in working order.

Symptoms of Failing Brake Pads and Rotors

Fortunately, because brake pads and rotors are so essential to your vehicle’s functioning, it is relatively easy to tell when they need to be replaced. A main symptom of failure in one or both of these components is noisy, squealing brakes. When your BMW X5’s brakes begin squealing, it typically means that either the brake pads have worn away completely or the rotors have warped out of their original shape. Regardless, if you notice that your vehicle’s brakes are squeaky, you should take it to an expert mechanic right away before the problem worsens.

Additional symptoms that may indicate failure of either the brake pads or the rotors (or both) include scratches on the rotors and longer stopping distances. If you notice significant scores or grooves on your BMW X5’s brake rotors, then those rotors are compromised and need to be replaced before they fail entirely. Furthermore, because these types of scratches typically occur when the brake pad connected to the rotor has worn down to the metal, these grooves indicate that your vehicle’s brake pads should also be checked.

These grooves may also increase the stopping distance of your vehicle, as any remaining brake pads will struggle to find purchase in them. Alternatively, increased stopping distances may also result directly from worn away brake pads; the metal behind these brake pads generates less friction when placed against a rotor than the brake pads do, thus decreasing the efficiency of the brakes. No matter the exact cause of the problem, if you notice either of the above symptoms, you should take your vehicle to a professional mechanic right away.

Solving the Problem

The best way to fix faulty brake pads or rotors is by preventing the problem entirely. In order to do this, you should regularly take your vehicle in for scheduled maintenance appointments, as doing so will allow a mechanic to catch brake issues before they become severe. Additionally, you should refrain from braking abruptly, as the gentler you are to your vehicle’s brakes, the longer they will last.

Of course, rear brake pad or rotor failure is sometimes inevitable. If you notice your BMW X5 exhibiting any of the symptoms discussed above, do not attempt to fix the problem on your own. Not only can the brake system be finicky, but brake rotors come in many shapes and sizes, which puts you at significant risk of inserting the wrong components into your vehicle.

Instead of exposing yourself to the possibility of making the situation worse, you should take your vehicle to a professional technician, who will be able to easily fix the problem for you.

BMW X5 Rear Brake Pads Replacement

How We Can Help

When your BMW X5’s rear brake pads or rotors need replacing, you’ll want to bring your vehicle to an auto repair shop you can trust. At Woodinville Sports Cars, our experienced mechanics provide top-notch service to customers in Bothell, Kenmore, Kirkland, Mill Creek, Monroe, Redmond, Snohomish, and Woodinville, WA.

Our team has had years of experience working with high-end European vehicles, and we would love to make you our next satisfied customer. So give us a call today or stop by the shop to find out what we can do for you.

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