Signs of an ABS Module Failure in Your BMW

Over time, your BMW may begin to show signs of ABS module failure. This is a part of the ABS system that is extremely important to your vehicle. The anti-lock braking system, or ABS system, is designed to help prevent the wheel from locking up during a situation where heavy braking is required. It also helps to prevent skidding or hydroplaning when the brakes are applied, especially on a rainy day.

It is composed of four main components including speed sensors, valves, pump, and controller. The ABS module controls the valve body solenoids after processing input signals from the vehicle’s wheel speed sensors.

Four Common Warning Signs of a Failing ABS Module

The ABS system typically gives off plenty of warnings before a part of it fails, especially the ABS module. It is important to know and understand the warning signs not only for the safety of your vehicle but yourself as well. Below are four common warning signs to alert you to a failing ABS module in your BMW:

1. The brake pads require more effort to press

The brake pedal of your BMW should be fairly easy to press down and have an immediate reaction to your action stopping or slowing the vehicle. When you notice the brake pedal requires more effort than normal to provide the same stopping action, this is indicative of a failing ABS module.

2. The brakes are locking up

When functioning normally, the ABS module is designed to prevent the wheels from locking up while driving. However, when the ABS module fails the brakes can behave abnormally causing the brakes to lock up, even when driving in normal conditions. You may hear random clicking from the brakes or pumping of the brakes. It is important to have your vehicle assessed to determine what damage has been done.

3. You have an unresponsive brake pedal

Without a functioning ABS module, your vehicle is essentially unable to stop when the brakes are pressed. The brake pedal does not become unresponsive immediately, over time the brake pedal of your BMW will become increasingly harder to press until it is no longer responsive. At the first sign of brake trouble, you should stop driving and have your vehicle taken to an auto repair shop to be assessed and repaired.

4. The ABS light is illuminated

Every BMW is equipped with an electronic system that illuminates a warning light when an issue is detected. The ABS system warning light will appear and be amber in color if the vehicle senses damage. The light should become illuminated before the complete failure of the ABS module so it is imperative that you have your vehicle inspected by a qualified mechanic as soon as the light comes on. Older vehicles may not be equipped with an ABS warning light therefore they use the check engine light. Either way, the vehicle should be inspected immediately.

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BMW ABS Module

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