When to Replace the Head Gasket of Your Mini

The Mini brand creates high-performance models that are petite in size but make powerful statements. Despite their reliability, they are known to experience head gasket problems.

Its head gasket remains a crucial component underneath the bonnet, since it is designed to withstand high or low pressures, and it can be used to protect the cylinder to avoid oil or liquid leakages. For its highly-esteemed functions, if you have a problem with your head gasket, you should have it checked for a replacement to avoid long-term problems.

Your Mini, like any other car, needs routine maintenance to keep it going properly. The head gasket is one of the elements that can cause problems for Mini owners. Regular maintenance can check for the warning signs that indicate something is wrong in the head gasket, and if it requires basic fixes or total replacement.

Warning Signs of a Head Gasket Failure

Engine Overheating

If an engine overheats, it is an immediate problem and an expense you don’t need. A gasket that has a blown head will leak into the coolant channel. The coolant may also leak to the cylinders of your engine block. Most times, this results in overheating of the engine and can be catastrophic to your engine’s most core parts.

Do not run your engine if you see the frothy evidence of oil mixing with coolant under your car, as it may cause further damage and a possibility of total engine failure. If your Mini begins to overheat, and it is leaking oil and/or coolant, you must have it inspected by master mechanics who can check the head gasket and its related parts.

​Whitish Smoke

Whitish smoke that smells sweet coming out from your exhaust is usually an indicator of a head gasket failure. When coolant leaks directly to the cylinders, it becomes steam and then comes out of the exhaust, thereby leading to the whitish smoke with a sweet scent that is put into coolant to recognize leaks.

​Unfamiliar Smells from the Exhaust/Radiator

If oil gets into your cylinders, this can create grayish or bluish smoke that is released from the exhaust when it burns oil. If this is occurring, you may begin to notice a smell that is unfamiliar from your exhaust or the radiator. Leaking oil can burn and begin to smell awful. It may also cause smoke (as opposed to steam) so be vigilant in recognizing the signs. Turn off your engine immediately before calling for a tow.

Leakages of the coolant fluids

Whenever there are leaks of fluid, it is a clear signal that something is damaged. Our mechanics will determine the type of fluid that is leaking to determine the source of the problem. By identifying the source, they will then advise you so you can choose the next line of action to be taken. Do not ignore any leaks, as you must have this checked out. Engine damage may result from low fluid. Also, a fire can also result from oil leaks, which is dangerous to you and your home/where you parked your car.

Mixing Oil and Coolant

A regular oil change can actually save your engine. When our mechanics change out your oil, they will look for a head gasket failure. The most noticeable evidence of this is when coolant and oil become mixed. They produce a creamy, colorful sludge. This is usually found on the filler cap or dipstick if the leak is small. When our mechanics perform the oil change, they will see this problem immediately and will advise replacement of the head gasket before the oil and coolant leak into more parts of the engine and eventually blow, rendering your engine useless.

Visible Power Loss

A visible reduction in the engine power may be a result of a gasket failure. This implies that your gasket allows fuel and air to discharge, which usually will lead to an irregular running engine and power loss.

Your Mini Won’t Start

If your gasket head fails, your Mini may be able to turn your engine over, but it will not fully ignite and run smoothly. It will require a tow.

MINI Head Gasket Replacement

Allow Us to Take Care of Your Mini

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