What to do When Your BMW’s Brake Light Stays On

BMW is one of the world’s most prestigious, timeless, and classy luxury cars. The brand maintains a high standard of safety in all its models, making the car an amazing automobile for everyone. However, the BMW car is not invisible to car troubles. If your car is not properly maintained, it can be plagued with several problems. One such issue is when the brake light stays on. To ensure this car functions optimally, it is vital to maintain a proper maintenance routine service, and if you encounter a problem, head to your certified BMW shop right away.

Understanding Your BMW’s Brake Light

We all know that the brakes in your BMW are essential components that ensure its proper performance. Whenever the brake warning light appears on the dashboard, act quickly because the issue may be severe and can have fatal complications if left uncontrolled.

Sometimes, the BMW brake light may illuminate without an obvious cause. In order to determine the best course of action if this occurs, it’s first necessary to understand why it might happen.

  • When the Brake Fluid Pressure is Uneven: Your car’s braking efficacy may decrease if it has uneven brake fluid pressure in one or more lines, and the vehicle may pull to one side or the other when braking. It can also turn on your dashboard’s parking brake light.
  • Faulty Level Sensor: A brake fluid level sensor is installed in the master cylinder of your BMW. It’s sometimes installed on the sensor’s side, and other times it’s attached to the cover of the reservoir. The brake light will illuminate if the sensor fails or malfunctions.
  • Low Level of Brake Fluid: The brake light in your BMW is a multifunctional device that illuminates when the fluid level in the reservoir falls below a specified level. As the fluid level fluctuates, you may observe the brake light turning on and off as you drive around the corners.

How to Deal With the Issue

You will need to visit a BMW automotive specialist to help uncover the origin and cause of failure within the braking system. At Woodinville Sports Cars, we will offer a complete inspection report detailing the extent and cost of the required repairs. Because there are many kinds of brake lights, our specialist will have to detect which one is illuminated and then examine the entire braking system, taking note of your brake pads and brake fluid levels.

Our specialist will inspect the brake shoes, fluid reservoir, switch, brake handle, and other components to ensure that every component in the braking system is working correctly.

It may also be essential to read the error codes for the braking system from the car’s computer.

Visit Woodinville Sports Cars for Premium Auto Repairs & Services

If you are experiencing such a problem with your car’s braking system, it is vital that you bring your BMW automotive experts to inspect your car and diagnose any problem that might be affecting the smooth operation of the car’s braking system.

BMW Brake Fluid Check

If you require a highly experienced auto specialist, you can visit us at Woodinville Sports Cars to get premium auto services and repairs! Our shop is fully equipped with the same factory-grade tools & equipment as the dealership, this means that we can always closely inspect your entire brake system, including critical components that cause squealing or grinding noises, wobbling when braking, visible leaks, burning smells when driving, or bouncing when braking.

At Woodinville Sports Cars, we have trusted automotive experts who are factory certified and highly experienced in handling European and foreign automobiles. As a true alternative to dealerships, our crew of friendly specialists has helped drivers in the Woodinville region with all of their European vehicle repair requirements.

We are pleased to offer auto repair and maintenance services to BMW drivers from Everett, Bothell, Kirkland, Kenmore, Monroe, Mill Creek, Redmond, and Snohomish County, WA. Our crew can help with both emergency repairs and factory maintenance. To arrange your next appointment or inquire about our services, please call or visit our shop now. We look forward to becoming your new BMW certified repair and maintenance shop for all your future car care needs.

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