How to Deal with a Failing Parking Brake in a Mini in Woodinville

The parking brake, often known as a handbrake or an emergency brake (e-brake), is a powerful mechanism that prevents your car from moving when it is parked. This system was designed to be employed if the main brake system failed. However, it is currently mostly used to secure your vehicle by keeping it in place while parked, particularly on hilly routes.

Every automobile, manual or automatic, has an emergency braking system, but many drivers are unaware of how to use it or when to use it. As a result, they occasionally drive while their emergency brake system is engaged, potentially causing catastrophic engine damage. Minis, like other cars, are susceptible to parking brake failure, which is why you should always monitor your vehicle’s functioning to avoid any potential mishaps.

Signs of a Faulty Parking Brake

Here are some of the symptoms of a malfunctioned parking brake in your Mini.

  • Unstable Parking Brake: Your Mini’s parking brake may become unstable due to a fault with the rear brake system. When your parking brakes are engaged, they apply the appropriate pressure to the rear brake to hold it in place while parked. To maintain proper rear brake tension, the parking brake system must be operated frequently. Otherwise, you will encounter a gap between the pads in the drum because of which your emergency brake won’t hold.
  • Faulty Braking: If your parking brakes aren’t working as well as they used to, it could be a warning that they’re going to fail. Excessive use might cause the parking brake drum to wear out over time, at which point it must be replaced altogether. To get it done and get your emergency brake back in working order, you’ll need the help of a professional mechanic.
  • Illumination of Parking Sensor Light: The illumination of your parking sensor light on your dashboard is the most obvious indicator of a faulty parking brake. Apart from that, when your parking brakes are activated, you may hear some screeching noises. It might not be a good idea to drive your car in this scenario.

How to Handle a Failed Parking Brake

There are a number of reasons that could contribute to a failed parking brake in a Mini. That’s why we have compiled a list of some useful tips that can help you overcome the problem.

  • Steer Clear of Corrosion: Dirt and debris from the environment can build up on your automobile over time, affecting the wires that connect to the brake system. Due to corrosion that occurs over time, these cables will lose their effectiveness, resulting in a failed emergency or parking brake.
  • Use Your Parking Brake Frequently: You may also keep your parking brake from deteriorating by using it frequently even when you’re not driving up a hill. You can also keep a continual eye on the upkeep of your car, ensuring that everything is in good working order to avoid any buildup.
  • Avoid Exposure to Snow and Ice: When your parking brakes are constantly exposed to cold weather, they may stop working for a time being. The parking brake might become blocked as a result of the constant exposure to snow or ice. Warming up your automobile before travelling is one technique to avoid becoming stuck. This will assist you in releasing your parking brake and allowing you to get back on the road.
  • Treat It Gently: Pulling hard on a parking brake may seem like the greatest and most innocuous option at the time, but it could cause severe damage to the emergency brake. When dealing with your car’s components, notably the parking brake, avoid using excessive force to be on the safe side.

MINI Parking Sensor Check

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