Where to Bring Your Mercedes in Woodinville to Address V12 Engine Issues

Some Mercedes Benz models are outfitted with large engines known as V12 engines. These engines have 12 cylinders divided into two rows, which forms the V-shape. This engine has a lot of power. If you drive a V12 Mercedes, you are probably concerned most with maintaining its high-performance and enjoying driving.

Although maintenance is important for any vehicle, it is especially important to service high-performance engines, as they are under more stress and strain than average vehicles. Also, parts for higher-end cars tend to be more expensive, meaning repairs due to neglect are likely to be more costly.

It’s important to know some of the common issues with V12 engines so you can address them as quickly as possible to prevent more expenses.

Mercedes V12 Engine Common Issues

Hydraulic fluid leaks

Your Mercedes has a suspension system called an active body control system that uses hydraulic fluid. If damage occurs to the seals, hydraulic fluid might leak. Damage can also occur to the hydraulic lines, causing a leak. Furthermore, the struts can be faulty. Hydraulic fluid is amber colored, so if you see an amber fluid underneath your car (or where your car was recently parked), it is likely evidence of a hydraulic fluid leak and should be repaired quickly.


While overheating can have multiple causes, it is ultimately due to an inability of the car to sufficiently circulate coolant through the system. This can be due to a leak from the coolant lines or the radiator itself, leading to low coolant levels. Without enough coolant, your engine is liable to overheat. The coolant levels might be fine, but the coolant is old and contaminated. If this happens, not only is the fluid unable to work properly, but it can cause damage to other parts of the cooling system itself! You can prevent this with regular fluid flushes and replacements.

You might spot a coolant leak under your Mercedes, but it can occur in many spots and might be visible inside the engine bay, for example. So even if you do not see any leaks under the car, you can still have problems within the engine compartment that is not visible on the ground. This is why it is important to have your Mercedes inspected by a qualified professional who has the tools to diagnose coolant leaks accurately.


An engine misfire occurs when combustion is incomplete in one or more cylinders. For instance, you could have a misfire of cylinder 3 only, or a misfire in cylinders 3, 6, 7, and 10, and each would lead to harsh running conditions and a likely check engine light on your dashboard. Your Mercedes might be hard to start, may not start at all, or sputter and sound like it is “skipping” either while idling, while driving, or both. Also, your performance will greatly decrease, not only in terms of power but also reduced fuel economy. This is likely due to faulty ignition coils. However, it can also be due to faulty spark plugs, or even problems/damage to the wiring that attaches to the ignition coil system.

Of course, all of these problems are also found in smaller-engined cars and are not unique to a V12. However, these are issues known to be particularly common in Mercedes equipped with V12 engines, which is why it is important to pay attention to them and know their signs so you can have your vehicle serviced as soon as possible.

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Mercedes V12 Engine Issue Check

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