Where to Bring Your VW to Replace the Camshaft Seal in Woodinville

Volkswagens are a blend of reliability, reputation, affordability, and stylish designs. Your Volkswagen model needs timely maintenance and routine servicing to keep its good health like every automobile.

Several components work together to keep your Volkswagen performing at its best. These components are crucial for the operation of your automobile. One such part is the camshaft seal. This small, circular camshaft seal is found in the cylinder head and generally fabricated rubber. It settles between the camshaft and the timing covers. For long-term usage, the camshaft seal is made of robust, high-quality rubber.

The function of the camshaft seal is to keep the oil confined in the engine. The oil may seep out when the camshaft seal becomes damaged. Oil leaks can cause devastation to the engine because an adequate amount of oil is required to lubricate metal elements in the engine and keep the parts free of harmful friction.

Probable Reasons the Camshaft Seal Fails

Generally, the camshaft seal works for a prolonged period without any problem. Even so, a few factors can influence how long the seal lasts. Factors like the persistent amount of heat generated by the engine. This constant heat expands the rubber seal’s size, resulting in oil leaks. The most common reason for the camshaft seal malfunctioning is wearing the rubber seal over time.

Another reason for camshaft seal failure is the excessive amount of pressure that is induced by the crankcase. This pressure leads to small cracks in the rubber seal, damaging the seal. Moreover, the camshaft seal hardens over time and loses its high tear and tensile strength. The hardening of the rubber seal makes it lose its potency of insulation.

The seal’s positioning makes it quite difficult to inspect the component and its condition visually. Repairing or replacing the seal is complicated and should only be attempted by expert technicians. Thus it is important to get professional advice if you suspect a camshaft seal problem right away.

Take Caution if You Notice These Camshaft Seal Problems

  • Signs of an oil leak: When the seal begins to fail, and a leak develops, oil will be visible on the engine’s back end. These traces can be discovered beneath the valve cover and around the motor’s corners and edges.
  • Low engine oil level: A modest or slow leak is a problem that might cause major damage to the engine. Due to poor lubrication, a low-on-oil engine can overheat or break down. Thus, it would be best to repair the camshaft seal leak as soon as possible.
  • A problem in starting the car: Low oil caused due to leaks can compromise the performance of your Volkswagen’s engine in many ways. A malfunctioning, cracked, or defective camshaft seal will have an impact on the performance of your VW. The oil leaks result in poor lubrication of the engine, thus leading to several issues. This oil can also get collected on the timing belt in your vehicle, causing devastating contamination.
  • Smoke: Another sign of the camshaft seal leak is the smoke coming out of the engine. Sometimes, the oil dripping from the camshaft gets collected in the exhaust pipe or manifold. These droplets will ignite instantaneously when they come into touch with the engine, resulting in clouds of smoke. It may also emit a smoky or burnt odour. The leak’s extent will determine the amount of smoke or odour produced.

If you notice any of the signs mentioned above, you should immediately take your VW to the experts without any delay.

Volkswagen Camshaft Seal

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