How To Deal with a Chassis Flex Disc Failure in a Mercedes

The Mercedes brand is renowned for creating beautiful luxury cars built with excellent engineering features to give their drivers around the world a fascinating driving experience. However, a car of such a high-performance standard and quality is still susceptible to the problems that come with aging. As your Mercedes gets older, the failure of its chassis flex disc is one of the problems it could develop.

The role of the chassis flex disc is not known to many car owners. If you have a Mercedes, and you do not have any idea of what the chassis flex disc is and the possible causes and signs of its failure, you don’t have to fret. We will help you understand the role and the signs of chassis flex disc failure. You will also learn the best way to deal with it.

The Role Of The Chassis Flex Disc in Your Mercedes

The chassis flex disc is also known as a guibo, and it is a coupling device made of reinforced rubber. Your Mercedes has two chassis flex discs, the front and rear flex discs, and they are responsible for coupling the transmission and differential to the driveshaft to generate the power required to move the wheels.

Both the chassis flex discs are located underneath your car. While the front flex disc might be a bit difficult to locate, the rear flex disc is easy to spot.

The role of the chassis flex discs is very important to the overall performance of your Mercedes. Apart from coupling the transmission and differential to the driveshaft, they also help to protect the driveshaft by absorbing the excess torque applied to it during acceleration and deceleration.

As your car ages, the chassis flex discs can wear significantly. Over time, the chassis flex discs are exposed to constant suspension wear, which can result in a faster degradation process. The failure of the chassis flex disc can cause major performance deficits in your Mercedes.

Chassis Flex Disc Failure Warning Signs

Even though the chassis flex discs are modeled to last for an average of 200,000 miles before showing any signs of failure, some conditions can speed up their failure. The implication of a chassis disc failure shouldn’t be taken for granted and must be accorded maximum attention. Here are some of the danger signs you may experience when your chassis flex disc starts failing.

  • Difficulty in Shifting Gears: One very common sign of an impending chassis flex disc failure is the difficulty you experience in shifting gears. You may be experiencing trouble shifting from park to drive, or reverse to park, if the chassis flex disc appears to be faulty. Difficulty in shifting gears can also be a warning sign of transmission or engine Mind you, you don’t want to have a car with such a problem. You have to take your car to a maintenance service provider as fast as possible.
  • Intense Vibration: If your Mercedes’s flex discs are damaged, you may encounter intense vibration and general discomfort when operating it. These symptoms occur most often when the driveshaft is not properly secured, causing it to move abnormally. When vibration and discomfort are extreme, more than one flex disc is likely to be damaged.

Dealing With A Failed Chassis Flex Disc in Your Mercedes

Automotive repair services can be expensive, but ignoring the danger signs of an impending chassis disc failure can be risky and can even cost you a fortune to fix when the problem worsens. Not to mention, you could be endangering your safety as well as that of other road users if any of the chassis flex discs fail while you are driving.

If you notice that one of the chassis flex discs is showing signs of failure, make sure you take your Mercedes to a certified Mercedes Specialist to have it fixed.

Mercedes Chassis Flex Disc Failure Fix

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